Backfilling Big-Box Anchor Space

What once was a question that prompted concern with the future of retail is no longer a mystery. Southern California anchor space is being absorbed at a staggering pace by medical groups, apparel focused department stores, family entertainment concepts, fitness, furniture, grocery, home goods and alternative uses that include residential and office. Many of these users have flocked to big-box opportunities as they are the most cost-effective means of entering or expanding in the Southern California marketplace.

Our team is helping our clients by leveraging our market share of big-box anchor space, sourcing prospective tenants and alternative uses, and providing accurate financial analysis and cost estimates.

Timely and accurate market data for the retail
industry can be challenging to obtain. Our team captures much of this information first-hand or rather, creates it through a high volume of real estate transactions in a broad spectrum of projects. As a result, clients benefit from the most accurate and up-to-date information in the areas of rental rates, vacancy rates, construction and tenant improvement costs, as well as other variables affecting value.

At present, we are actively marketing and managing the re-tenanting of seven big-box opportunities ranging from 73,000 SF to 115,000 SF and handling five grocery store transactions ranging from 24,000 SF to 65,000 SF, all in the Sothern California marketplace.

For more information on big-box activity and our team’s expertise with representing shopping centers and anchor space, please give us a call at 213-532-3284

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